Semi-Permanent eyebrow tattoo lasting anywhere between 6 months to two years.

It is a moderate pain lasting no longer than the first pass, which is around 10 minutes, then numbing is applied.

pregnant thyroid meds anyone with heart cond uncontrolled diabetes, psoriasis, dermatitis, and rosacea in the area.

Those who are pregnant should not get microblading. If you are breastfeeding, you should contact your physician and pediatrician.

After you have paid your deposit, you are all set for your appointment. Please allow an extra 15 minutes to arrive as parking can be challenging to find, and paperwork needs to be filled out. Two weeks before your appointment, we recommend stoping any retina or chemical exfoliant. Do not tweeze or wax your brows before the procedure, as the artist needs the maximum amount of hair for the most natural look. If you have recently received botox, the microblading appointment needs to be scheduled two weeks after. Refrain from facials up to two weeks before your procedure, and wait to receive any others until your touchup is healed. There is no excessive drinking or aspirin two days before the procedure and no coffee the day of as it increases bleeding. Dress comfy and bring an extra sweater in case you get cold.

When you arrive at your appointment, you will first fill out paperwork. The artist will bring you back and ask for any brow inspiration you have and discuss your wants and needs. The artist will then map out your brow based on your bone structure. It is important to note that artists DO NOT choose your brow shape for you; your bone structure decides. Your brow shape can then be tweaked to your preferences. Once the shape is perfected, the artist will do their first pass of pigment, followed by a few minutes soak in pigment, then numbing. After repeating that three-step process a few times, the brows will be cleaned up, and your artist will take photos.

After you get your brows microbladed, you can not wet your brows for ten days. You can still wash your face. Just make sure to use a washcloth and go around your brows. We will supply you with an ointment that you will apply a thin layer once a day. Your brows will get very dark in the first few days. Then they will begin to scab. DO NOT pick off the scab, as it will pull out the pigment. The scabbing will last about a week, depending on the person. After the scabbing is over, your brows will get very light. Don't worry, as they are still not healing. During this time, the pigment is traveling from the subdermal layer to the epidermis. It is usual for some strokes not to hold. That is why we include a complimentary touchup 3-6 weeks after. Your artist will go into more detail during your appointment. Just note you should not be in the sun, excessive wind, or be excessively sweating until your brows are done healing.

Each initial Microblading and Ombre powder brow service includes a complimentary touchup for six weeks after your appointment. All additional or missed touchups 6 to 10 weeks after the initial service will have a $100 service fee. Anything later is considered a maintenance appointment. A $100 non-refundable booking fee is required to book all PMU appointments, which will be applied to your total following your service.


Lash Extensions

Eyelash extensions last anywhere from two to three weeks, depending on retention and clients' aftercare.

No lash extensions do not damage your natural lash. However, if the lash is applied incorrectly, it can damage the lash. Damage can also occur due to certain medications and underlying health conditions that may affect the lash's retention and the lash's health.

After your lash appointment, do not wet your lashes for 24 hours. You should be regularly washing your extensions with baby shampoo. After you wash your lashes, let them dry before you brush them. Do not apply mascara to your extensions. Refrain from rubbing your eyes and try not to sleep on your face. Do not cut your lashes.

There are a few different types of lash extension sets. Classic is singular extensions applied to individual lashes. The benefits of a classic set are it is the most natural and softest on the eye; however, because there are fewer lashes, fills are needed more often as the lash cycle is more prominent. Mixed is a mixture of individual lashes and fans. These fans make the lash set more fluffy and noticeable. Many clients quickly move from a classic set to a mixed set. Volume is a lash set comprised of only fans. It is the most dramatic. Volume lash sets look the best the longest as there are many extensions attached to one lash. At three weeks with a classic set, many clients only have a few lashes left, and they are uneven. Volume at three weeks tends to look like a beautiful classic set. Lashes are a luxury and require upkeep.



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